Personal Sleep Counselling

Personal sleep counselling has the advantage that i can work individually with your situation and your family.


My work is based on the concept of the Association for childrens sleep, a holistic method of Sleep Counselling which clearly differentiates itself from sleep behaviour theories (for example Ferber).


At the centre of my personal sleep counselling is the focus on the individual needs of all family members, the development and maturity of the child and the establishment of a secure parent-child-relationship.


Themes and Targets of the personal sleep counselling are:

knowledge transfer

The transfer of knowledge about the child´s sleep behaviour based on actual studies and scientific findings. In this way parents can make informed decisions and find a suitable way which depends on well presented information.


Helpful information

With the experience gained from a network of sleep counsellors across Europe i can propose helpful tips und information which can support your decisions in your personal sleep situation. There is never a one size fits all solution and my aim is to help you finding a bespoke solution.

Taking the pressure away

All aspects of the family sleep situation are considered. Short-term and rapid changes are not the goal, rather the measures are sustainable in the long run and do not entail any negative consequences (eg permanent link between sleep and anxiety).